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Shipping boxes


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Shipping boxes

Centuryshop shipping boxes are ideally compatible with the magnetic boxes we offer on our site. Extremely resistant, they will be perfectly suitable for the postal shipment of your packages.

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NATURAL / WHITE reversible color shipping box. This POSTPACK...

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NATURAL color shipping box This POSTPACK box made of extremely resistant corrugated cardboard of 350 gsm is ideal for your Webshop shipments. The formats are suitable to protect our standard...

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This POSTPACK box made of extremely resistant corrugated...

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100% recyclable and biodegradable paper fibres. Our sizzle pack will allow you to easily insert all your interior objects into your boxes...

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Centuryshop, the packaging solution, offers you different ranges of packaging!

Loyalty is something that all retailers are looking for. It is easier to sell a product to a customer who has already bought an item from you than to someone who is new. That's why you have to do your utmost to keep your customers coming back. Centuryshop offers you many possibilities to achieve your goal.

Centuryshop is a website of the Belgian company Centurybox Group. For more than 30 years, we have been active in the luxury packaging industry and have developed know-how in all types of high-end packaging. Over the years, our range of boxes has been diversified and the quality aspect has always been at the centre of our attention. Moreover, ecological concerns are an integral part of our daily lives, which is why we offer more and more responsible packaging.

The Postpack, the ultimate shipping box

The Postpack shipping box is a very strong package. You can use it to pack various types of boxes that we offer, such as the Wonderbox or the Hingbox. This mailing box combines robustness and elegance. Your customers will be delighted to receive their order in a package that fits your parcel. Indeed, they will notice that you make an effort on the shipments and that you do not carry empty space, as we can see with the giants of the net.

Secondly, it is important for your customer to have a satisfactory unboxing experience. By impressing your customer with the choice of packaging, the end user experience will be enhanced. Successful unboxing will help your company to solidify your brand image with your potential customers.

By opting for our shipping box, you ensure that your product will arrive in ideal conditions. The product that the customer has purchased must arrive intact in order for them to be satisfied.

The Postpack shipping box is available in several colours

It is also important to note that our shipping boxes are available in a very short time, within a few days. In addition, you can order your Postpack box from 25 units.

What if I want to personalise?

You can do it, in just a few clicks! All you have to do is go to our specialised site for personalisation, Centuryprint. You'll have the opportunity to put your logo on our many qualitative articles. Personalisation is possible from 50 units, and once again, you will be delivered very quickly, within 15 days of your order!