Terms and conditions



By placing an order, the buyer accepts the following terms and conditions



Unless specified otherwise, all invoices must be paid in full before the shipment of the goods. If purchaser fails to make timely payment of any amount invoiced hereunder, Centurybox shall have the right, in addition to any and all other rights and remedies available to Centurybox at law or in equity, to perceive an interest fee of 1.5% per month. Purchaser shall pay all costs of collection including reasonable legal costs. Any unpaid amount from an overdue invoice will be charged a mandatory allowance, additionally to the interest fees mentioned above, equal to 15% of the unpaid amount from the invoice, without being less than 65 € and disregarding legal costs.



Billing and shipping discrepancies are for products purchased from Centurybox that were invoiced or shipped incorrectly. These include lost shipments, short shipments, wrong sales, wrong shipments and pricing/invoice errors. Purchaser must notify Centurybox of any billing discrepancies within eight (8) calendar days. Failure to give such notice within the time specified herein shall be deemed a waiver of purchaser’s rights to claim such discrepancy.


lead-times are in no way or shape binding and therefore cannot be used to withhold payment of an invoice due to a delivery delay. Purchaser shall not demand late or penalty fees to a late delivery of purchased merchandise. Purchaser shall examine all products upon receipt and shall notify Centurybox, as specified herein, of all discrepancies and refusal to accept delivery of purchased product. Such notice shall be reasonably detailed and explain the discrepancy or why the purchased product was refused. If purchaser does not give Centurybox such notice as stated herein, purchaser agrees that such products have been accepted as of the date of shipment.


majeure includes war, military mobilisation, mob violence, inundation, stagnation or limitation of supply by public utilities, shortage of coal, gas. Petroleum products or other energy sources, fire, machine breakage and other accidents, industrial action limiting production, government action, failure by third parties to supply materials and semi-finished goods, and other unexpected conditions including those in the country of origin of materials and semi-finished products, which disrupt normal business and cause delay or impossibility of execution of an order.



In order to completely or partly cancel an accepted order, the purchaser must do so by registered mail within five (5) business days after the order date. The purchaser is required to compensate Centurybox for all cost incurred or to be incurred for the execution of that order (cost of preparation, storage, provisions etc.) and where Centurybox so desires to pay for all materials destined for the
execution of that order, at the prices included in the Centurybox price offer; all this while maintaining the claim to compensation for loss of profit as well as other claims arising from cancellation of an accepted order on the basis of damages, cost and interest. 

Any offer which was not accepted and returned to Centurybox shall be treated as non-approved therefore the prices and conditions found inside will be deemed non-applicable.

Refund only made by credit notes.


Centurybox is not responsible for the consequences of faults in the patterns or models, materials, or information carrier furnished by the customer or for the consequences of difficulties encountered in the utilisation, processing or conversion of what has been delivered in accordance with the printing proof or prototype approved by the Purchaser.



Every offer, quotation, order, confirmation of order, agreement and legal action following
from these is subject to the law of Belgium. Litigation arising will be handle by the Brussels courts, where the supplier is incorporated. 


Intellectual property

Graphic designs, pictures, packaging patterns and logos developed or adapted by Century box Mainetti are the property of Century box Mainetti and cannot be used without its expressed written consent.