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Offering candles requires warm packaging. With its wide range of gift boxes, small bags, gift wrap and tissue paper, you will have the opportunity to spoil your customers with Centuryshop.

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Centurybox introduces you to the Flowerbox. Due to its cubic shape it can contain heavy and large items. It was created for flowers but you can pack inside a lot of different objects....

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The Cubox magnetic gift box is made from stiff 1200 g/sqm cardboard, this instant automatic assembling box features integrated adhesives allowing definitive consolidation. The closure is made...

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The DISPLAY gift box is made from microcanelure 260 g/sqm Learn more...

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This double layered cement paper bag is composed of 2x70g/m² kraft paper. The inside is brown, while the outside remains white. The double layer paper allows the bag to be very resistant and...

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Reusable cotton bag 320 g/sqm. It has felt handles (52 cm long and 3 cm wide) stitched inside (shoulder length). Compared to "tote bag" model, it has bottom and side gussets.


The NORA bag is a reusable 90g / m² nonwoven fabric bag with a purse-type closure. It has two handles of 2 x 67 cm and a reinforced bottom. Resistant and chic, it does not have side gussets but...

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Reusable cotton bag 220 gsm (8 oz.), It features cotton shoulder length handles. It is a "tote bag" model with bellows and bottom.

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Brown embossed plain brown kraft paper gift wrap 80 gr / m²

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Timeless patterns with dots. Gold and red colors dots are with a natural kraft background. The blue color background is with shiny gold dots.

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Centurybox offers two different patterns giftwap papers, nice and modern designs.

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Timeless patterns with dots. Background in natural kraft paper and black dots print

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100% natural silk paper, made by Centurybox Europe from 100% recyclable virgin cellulose fibers (FSC and PEFC certified)

Sheets available in 100 * 75 (ream of 240 sheets) , 50 * 75 cm...

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The single face satin ribbon is a top-notch quality woven ribbon featuring a satin shiny side and a matt side. It also features woven edges. A roll contains 100 yards (91,44 meters / 3600...

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The gros grains ribbon is a top-notch quality woven ribbon with texture. It features woven edges.

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Centuryshop, the packaging solution, offers you different ranges of packaging!

Our company is located in the heart of Europe, in Belgium to be more precise. This is where we store all our goods. As a result, we have the capacity to deliver all orders for EU countries very quickly. Take advantage of our know-how and expertise in just a few days.

Candle packaging

Today, the sale of candles is increasing significantly and one way to stand out from the competition is in the visual area. You need to have the most beautiful packaging in order to satisfy your customers. Our candle packaging allows you to package your candles individually or by putting several candles in the same box. In order to stand out in the candle sector, you can opt for packaging which is suitable for scented candles. Craft candle packaging is an original solution.

It should be noted that we are in a situation where consumers are starting to pay more and more attention to their own ecological impact on the environment, and to encourage people to continue in this direction, we offer a wide choice of environmentally responsible packaging for you.

Candle box

We offer several models of boxes for your scented candles. Make beautiful candle boxes. Thanks to our Flowerbox, our Cubox or our Display box, you will have the opportunity to protect your fragile candles and to play on the aesthetics of our top-of-the-range boxes. Having the best candles is no longer enough, you also need the most beautiful packaging. Our boxes delivered flat are ideal for small shops that do not have a lot of storage space. Indeed, you will be able to assemble your boxes in just a few seconds without having to occupy entire rooms for your boxes. They will fit perfectly under your counter.

Candle bag

You can also find our sturdy reusable pouches and bags. Our Noblesse bag is for example a kraft paper bag for which you choose one of our pastel colours. These pastel tones are in tune with the times. And with the reinforcing cardboard at the bottom of the bag, you don't take any risks with the weight of your candles. Therefore, you have two possibilities. Either you decide to use our bags as high-quality final packaging, or you use it to put your candles, which are pre-packed in one of our boxes, into one of our boxes to ensure optimum transport conditions.

In addition to this, we offer reusable bags made of felt or cotton. These fabric bags are fully in line with the ecological movement. Namely, cotton is a material that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Adopt them to show your commitment to CSR.

For your finishes

We offer tissue paper to protect your beautiful scented candles. Our fine paper is ecologically responsible. We often wonder how to make responsible packaging? Silk paper is part of the answer: 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, 100% compostable, ... This inexpensive material is the ideal solution to take care of your package.

In addition to this virtuous paper, we offer you colourful and sober gift wrap paper and ribbons to make your most beautiful finishes and offer a great experience to your customers when they shop with you.

Can you personalise them?

Yes, you can do so on our dedicated website: Centuryprint. Thanks to our facilities in Belgium, Centuryprint is able to offer you a wide range of packaging solutions. This also applies to candle packaging. Many of the solutions we offer are available in very small quantities, starting from 25 pieces. In addition, most of our packaging products are delivered in less than 15 days, giving you the possibility to order packaging urgently.