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Lingerie deserves quality packaging. That is why Centuryshop offers a wide range of packaging solutions. Whether bags, pouches, boxes, made of fabric, paper or cardboard, the choice is wide.

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This POSTPACK box made of extremely resistant corrugated...

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The WONDERBOX magnetic gift box is made from stiff 1200 g/sqm cardboard. It is delivered flat in one piece and the assembly is instantaneous. This cardboard box with magnetic closure is perfect...

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The Cubox magnetic gift box is made from stiff 1200 g/sqm cardboard, this instant automatic assembling box features integrated adhesives allowing definitive consolidation. The closure is made...

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NATURAL color shipping box This POSTPACK box made of extremely resistant corrugated cardboard of 350 gsm is ideal for your Webshop shipments. The formats are suitable to protect our standard...

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The HINGBOX is already delivered mounted (not flat). The hingbox is a magnetic gift box and is made from stiff 1200 g/sqm cardboard. The closure is made easy with a magnetic flap. Perfect for...

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The CLEARBOX magnetic gift box is made from stiff 1200 g/sqm cardboard, this instant automatic assembling box features integrated velcro allowing fast and easy fold.

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Centurybox introduces you to the Flowerbox. Due to its cubic shape it can contain heavy and large items. It was created for flowers but you can pack inside a lot of different objects....

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The AMERICANO self-locking bottom box is a luxury collapsible gift box made from glossy laminated 320 g/sqm cardboard. It features a self-locking bottom and a closing flap with locking system,...


The CAMPANA two piece gift box is made from recycled ribbed kraft 500 g/sqm cardboard, this easy and fast assembling box is delivered flat in two pieces (base and lid). The lid entirely cover...

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The CAMPANA two piece box is made from coated 420 g/sqm cardboard with lamination , this easy and fast assembling box is delivered flat in two pieces (base and lid). The lid entirely cover the...

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The gift voucher is made from coated 300 g/sqm paper with matt lamination and metallic pantone offset printing. It features metal eyelets along with a gift card to be completed.


The MOISMONT SHANGHAI POUCH is made from 140 g/sqm paper and features side folds along with a bottom gusset. The gift pouch is delivered without handles and includes a 10 cm flap closure with...


The KRAFT PAPER envelope is made from lined kraft 60 g/sqm paper 100% recyclable and features side folds without bottom.

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The NORA bag is a reusable 90g / m² nonwoven fabric bag with a purse-type closure. It has two handles of 2 x 67 cm and a reinforced bottom. Resistant and chic, it does not have side gussets but...

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Reusable 70 g / m² non-woven fabric pouch with purse-type closure.
Single bottom bellows 10 cm, no bellows on the side.

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These cloth bags have a very natural look thanks to this beautiful natural cotton fabric. Totally opaque they reserve the surprise to those who open them.

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Metallic ribbon measuring 10mmx250 meters (2/5 x 9 842 inches)??.

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The reusable US-TNT bag with cut handles and lined upper...

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Centuryshop, the packaging solution, offers you different ranges of packaging!

Packaging for lingerie shops

A large part of the clothing budget is spent on lingerie by French women on average. In fact, we observe that generally a little less than 20% of the budget spent on clothes is spent on underwear. It is of course essential to offer a quality product, but it is also possible to stand out from the competition by offering original packaging. As lingerie packaging is a niche market, it can sometimes be difficult to find suitable solutions that are in line with your brand image. For this reason Centuryshop has developed a range of products that can be used without any problems in a luxurious and elegant environment. Your shop conveys certain values, so it is important to convey the same through your packaging elements.

Depending on your needs and positioning, a wide range of lingerie packaging is available. This leaves you the pleasure of choosing from a wide range of options. Of course, the positioning and target group of your shop is not the same as that of other lingerie shops, which is another reason to differentiate yourself by opting for high-quality packaging. Centuryshop's environmentally friendly packaging guarantees that the branding of your shop and your packaging are in line with each other. With the health crisis we are currently going through, the consumption habits of many customers have been shaken up, perhaps even permanently.

The transition to online sales is obvious and necessary to continue to grow for most shops. In order to continue to satisfy your loyal customers, you can choose to improve your current packaging. Centuryshop supports you in this advancement by offering packaging that is perfectly compatible with our delivery boxes. Think of the planet and don't pay to transport air. Consider our Postpacks boxes which are perfectly compatible with our Wonderbox.

Gift box

Centuryshop has developed a wide range of high-end packaging products. A number of these are particularly suitable for packaging lingerie products. They can be used as packaging for lingerie, as they have certain characteristics that are important in this sector. Different types of lingerie gift boxes are available in our shop. First of all, we offer the Wonderbox, which is a very luxurious and high-end magnet box. It is one of the flagship models in our online shop. This kraft box has a magnetic flap which is very much appreciated by our customers. The Wonderbox is a box delivered flat and can be used to pack all types of underwear. The Wonderbox is a flat box that can be used to pack all types of underwear, as it can contain feminine lingerie items, just as it can be used to showcase male underwear such as boxers or briefs. Another model of magnetic box that we offer is the Evobox. This model of magnetic box, delivered flat (optimal if you don't have much storage space) is very resistant and exudes luxury, this thin box is less voluminous and will highlight your lingerie. Made of rigid recycled cardboard, this box offers a clear added value to your underwear. As previously announced, it is essential for a shop to be able to differentiate itself from the competition, and packaging is an essential element in this respect. Moreover, it is very interesting to note that you can use our products to ship your products with complete peace of mind. The packaging is resistant to knocks, it will guarantee an undamaged arrival.

The Hingbox is also available as a coherent packaging for your lingerie shop. This magnetic box is delivered already assembled. It offers you the possibility to pack fine and delicate products safely. Satin or lace lingerie can also be safely packed in this box. This packaging will allow you to differentiate yourself from your customers, it is a real added value for your shop. The Hingbox complements the Postpacks, a high-end shipping box. Finally, we also offer different models of kraft cardboard boxes.

Paper bags for lingerie shops

As well as offering a large number of gift sets for lingerie, we also offer a few bags made of recycled paper for lingerie shops. Our kraft paper bags are available in our catalogue, are trendy and perfectly adapted to lingerie. Our Safari paper bag is very light and comes in different sizes and many colours. It is fully in line with today's ecological concerns.

Our Noblesse bags will also meet your needs with interesting formats. Don't limit yourself to what everyone uses. Opt for luxurious paper bags that are very resistant, practical and of high quality. They can easily be reused many times.

Silk paper

The tissue paper that we have developed at Centuryshop is of high quality. Tissue paper is used in this sector to wrap and calligraphy the underwear in order to immobilise it in its original packaging.

Ecological packaging for lingerie shops

Many packaging options are environmentally responsible. Indeed, it is of paramount importance for Centurybox to offer solutions in line with our values. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of our various packaging options. This logic continues to apply to the packaging we offer on Centuryshop. The different kraft paper packaging we offer is fully biodegradable and also 100% recyclable. These 2 points are important for us, as packaging is a source of pollution, it is our duty to find more ecological solutions.