Introducing "The Loop" Luxury Cardboard Box – Elevate Your Packaging Experience

Unlock a world of elegance and sustainability with "The Loop," our latest innovation in luxury cardboard...

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The Loop Eco-Luxury Bottle Box

Elevate your gifting with our FSC-certified, 100% recycled kraft white 1500g/m² rigid carton. Available in 4 sizes for different bottle needs –...

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Rigid Bell Box “TWINPART BOX” FSC in Recycled Cardboard

Centuryshop's rigid cardboard boxes are both stylish and environmentally friendly. Made from 100% recycled...

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FORMAT: 34*45 CM

The E-Comb shipping pouch offers an innovative 'honeycomb' design ensuring optimal protection thanks to its two layers of 140 gr/m², incorporating internal padding in...

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Eco-Friendly FSC Certified Paper Bags for Wine Bottles - Delivery in 10 days

In the ever-growing movement towards sustainability, our FSC certified paper bags for wine...

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Introducing Our Classy and Solid Bread Holder Bags - Delivery in 10 days

Are you in search of the perfect solution to elegantly package...


Introducing Our Eco-Friendly Paper Shopping Bags with Flat Handles - FSC Certified Kraft Excellence - 10-day delivery

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Delivery in 10 days - FSC certification

Discover our safari bags in high-quality 90 or 110 g/m² kraft paper. These bags feature sturdy twisted handles for a comfortable...

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Discover Centurybox's innovative honeycomb wrapping paper, designed for functionality and elegance. Available in two sizes and colors, conveniently stocked in Belgium for swift...

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