Centuryshop offers a wide variety of packaging products more or less original. Indeed, we offer a wide variety of gift boxes, but also bags, pouches or packaging accessories. Thanks to this wide variety of packaging solutions, we are able to meet the luxury packaging needs of most companies. 

We also offer to support a wide variety of trades and professions in their packaging, see below for a gallery of images featuring our flagship products. 

This image shows the variety of cotton pouches we offer on our generic packaging platform. This picture shows a natural colored kraft paper bag. This kraft tote bag is a very practical packaging solution. Very strong kraft paper shipping box. These boxes are very practical for sending packages, they are the ideal packaging solution for sending. Boxes designed for wine bottles. Clearbox, magnetic gift box with an opening on the upper side to highlight the products contained in the package. The evoboxes are slim magnetic gift boxes, except for a bulky model, at the tip. These flat magnetic boxes, delivered flat, are ideal as a luxury packaging solution. Reusable denim bag, this bag is very durable. This denim tote bag is a very fashionable packaging solution. Learn more about our work