1) Create a unique packaging:

To differentiate yourself from the competition, it is important to innovate and offer your customers something new. Don't hesitate to go beyond the standard, to play on the shapes or on the utility of your packaging.

2) Choose the right colors and fonts:

Being original is one thing, but too much whimsy can create information overload for the eye. It is imperative to be clear and readable. Colors and fonts represent the graphic charter of your brand, don't neglect them!

3) Think practicality:

Keep in mind that your packaging must be practical and easy to use. This will allow the customer to start their experience on a positive note. Many customizations exist, don't hesitate to inquire on www.centurybox.be !

4) Use the right language:

Taking care of your grammar and spelling is PRI-MOR-DIAL. Moreover, if your packaging has to be created in several languages, make sure to take care of your translation. When Coca-Cola arrived on the Chinese market, the brand decided to translate its name by "Kekoukela" which literally means "Wax-filled mare" in the country, which can cause big image problems.

5) Be consistent with your marketing strategy:

Your packaging must be consistent with your communication and your positioning. For example, a high-end product goes hand in hand with a high-end packaging.

In short, seduce the consumer!